FA, MX, DX Updates

Flight Attendant Tentative Agreement

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, October 2, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 284 and NetJets Aviation reached a Tentative Agreement on a new – and mutually beneficial – contract for NJA’s 278 Flight Attendants.

As with any tentative agreement, there’s still some work to be done before the agreement will be ready for publication.  This work will begin during the week of October 12.  Once it has been completed, details regarding the Tentative Agreement and the ratification process will be sent directly to Flight Attendants.

We would like to express our appreciation to the negotiating teams who worked diligently and collaboratively throughout this process. While there were many areas of common interest between the parties, there were also legitimate, principled and difficult points of disagreement that required hard bargaining. The teams on both sides of the table did so with professionalism and dedication.

Thanks are also due to Jim Mackenzie of the National Mediation Board for his guidance and direction as our mediator, as well as to the NMB as a whole for the framework and support it provides.

Because we know this topic is of interest to you, we will continue to update you as circumstances warrant.