FA, MX, DX Updates


Updated February 7, 2016

The Teamsters today issued misleading rhetoric about NetJets maintenance operations. This rhetoric is not related to legitimate operational concerns but rather is intended to advance the union’s agenda in negotiations over a new contract for approximately 215 represented maintenance professionals employed by NetJets. Although this kind of rhetoric is common in negotiations, these tactics do little to help the parties reach agreement. Instead, they spread confusion and outright misinformation – especially where the rhetoric is easily disproved by the facts.

NetJets aircraft are maintained to the highest levels of safety by a network of trained, skilled, and experienced aviation professionals that includes NetJets team members, the aircraft manufacturers (OEMs) and their authorized support facilities, and other qualified and approved partners. This network is part of an unmatched safety program that includes aviation professionals of all types working together to ensure the safety of every NetJets flight. NetJets does not compromise safety in maintenance or any other aspect of our operation.

We’re confident we can reach a resolution on a new contract covering our maintenance professionals in the near term, just as we have done with all of our other union-represented employee groups.