NetJets Values

NetJets: Committed to Safety

Safety is our highest priority

That’s why we have the most rigorous standards for safety, maintenance, training and Pilot_engine_check_220x160operations. It’s why we invest more time and resources in safety than any other private jet operator. And it’s why we are the first and only private aviation company to reach Level IV of the FAA’s Safety Management System (SMS) Pilot Program.

Operating the latest best equipment available with superior technology


The average age of our current worldwide fleet is 7.5 years, and with up to $17.6 billion worth of new jets on order, our average fleet age is projected to decrease to 4.5 years – one of the youngest in the industry. Every jet in our fleet also is equipped with the most advanced safety equipment, such as the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System and the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System II.  This technology is not included on many of the jets used by our competitors.

Selecting and training the best pilots

All our pilots hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate – the highest level of pilot license issued by the FAA – and all flights are operated by two pilots who are type-rated in that aircraft (even though applicable regulations require only one).  As an added safety measure, our pilots fly only one type of aircraft with identical state-of-the-art flight decks across models.  This ensures that when a pilot reaches for a particular control, it’s always in the same place, dramatically reducing the likelihood of error.  NetJets also sets the standard in the industry for pilot training, with all pilots attending two recurrent programs each year.  Each recurrent training program consists of classroom instruction, simulator-based instruction, and a simulator-based performance evaluation (known as a “check ride”).

Strict maintenance procedures

Scheduled aircraft maintenance is done by the people who know the aircraft best – the original equipment manufacturers and their authorized support facilities. We also employ hundreds of federally-licensed maintenance technicians who work with manufacturers and engine and avionics providers to develop processes that don’t just exceed the standard, but often set the bar for the rest of the industry.

Strict operational procedures with onsite professional staff

In addition to our professional flight crewmembers and Owner service representatives, NetJets employs a professional staff of FAA-approved meteorologists, FAA-licensed aircraft dispatchers, Chief and Assistant Chief Pilots, security experts, and other specialists at our Columbus, OH operations center and across our global network to review the safety of every flight operation and ensure that our strict operational procedures are followed.


Comprehensive security measures

  • We work with Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs), local airport authorities, law enforcement officials, the National Business Aviation Association, and FAA and TSA security officials to ensure the latest security measures and procedures are in place
  • We thoroughly inspect every aircraft prior to boarding
  • We secure all aircraft parked overnight to prevent unauthorized access
  • We maintain a variety of procedures to ensure that all passengers have been properly vetted prior to boarding a NetJets aircraft