NetJets Values


Leading in Training Quality

The FAA recognizes that FAR Part 121 affords the highest standards of safety in civil flight operations.  NetJets is the only air carrier operating under FAR Part 135 that trains the vast majority of its pilots (92%) to FAR Part 121 N and O standards.  NetJets continues to lead the industry in safety in large part because its pilots are held to the highest standards when attending training and checking twice per year.

Leading in Training Quantity

NetJets pilots train 10 or more days each year during two recurrent events, which is more than double the number of days other air carriers (including major airlines) commit to pilot training.  NetJets does not, however, count on the sheer number of training days to ensure safety is relentlessly enforced.  We are constantly innovating in an effort to improve, with a focus on the quality of training – not simply the number of days.

Leading in Training Customization

NetJets pilots benefit from a new training curriculum every six months, which is based on the most recent company and industry data collection.  The NetJets training program utilizes the latest techniques in behavioral science as well as threat and error management to customize training and checking to ensure that NetJets pilots are fully prepared to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

Leading in Training Satisfaction

NetJets crewmembers report high levels of satisfaction with the recurrent training they receive twice per year under the Company’s training programs, which translates into enhanced safety during real-world flight operations.  NetJets is not, however resting on its laurels.  The input of crewmembers is always important – particularly, as we prepare for the next recurrent training cycle – and it is the goal of the NetJets training department to give crewmembers the tools they need to provide our Owners, their families and their guests with the highest levels of safety and service on each and every flight.