NetJets Values

NetJets' Business Strategy

68The NetJets team has much to be proud of.  By working together for nearly 50 years, we have built our company into the market leader in business/private aviation.

  • We pioneered the concept of fractional jet ownership and offer a full range of private aviation solutions to satisfy almost every travel need.
  • We lead in everything – from safety, service, and financial stability, to the size and scope of our fleet.
  • We have thousands of customers who fly with confidence knowing they can depend on us to handle every detail of their travel plans with the highest levels of safety and service, the pillars of our operations.
  • We are by far the world’s most experienced business aviation operator.  NJA alone conducted more than 200,000 flights in 2013 to destinations around the globe, and worldwide NetJets has more customers than all other fractional aircraft companies combined.
  • 39We have the highest safety standards – the safety of our customers is paramount and the foundation for everything we do, including rigorous pilot training and the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures in the industry.
  • We are proud to have achieved a new safety milestone by becoming the first and only aviation company of our kind to achieve Level IV of the FAA’s Safety Management System (SMS) Pilot Program, which further underscores our commitment to a compliance-plus-safety program.
  • We deliver consistency across the NetJets customer experience, superior service that goes far beyond just providing customers with a plane. We ensure that flying NetJets is unequaled in terms of ease, comfort and safety – something our competitors, with their vastly smaller fleets, cannot match.

By working together and with the support of Berkshire Hathaway, we have made significant progress since the severe economic downturn of 2008.  Today though, as our 50th anniversary approaches, we face an increasingly competitive marketplace.  To ensure our continued stability, future growth, and to meet today’s business challenges, we must understand the economic realities we face and seek to align the interest of our owners, team members and the Company.